Hydroponics System with Enhanced Heat Transfer – Patent No. 11,617,316

3D CAD Drawing Up Close

3D CAD Drawing of Systems in Linear Array inside a Shipping Container

3D CAD Drawing of Scalable Systems

Linear Arrays of Hydroponics and Lighting Systems on Each Side of a Shipping Container

Twin Linear Arrays in Shipping Container

Linear Arrays of Systems that Scale Out Vertically and Horizontally in Shipping Containers

Microgreens Maker

Hydroponics and Lighting


Our innovative system is modular, scalable, patented, and designed to operate in a closed loop off the grid.


Our system combines the latest hydroponic technology with efficient LED lighting to provide the perfect environment for growing your plants. The modular design allows you to easily expand your system as your needs grow, while the closed loop design ensures that you have a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.


With our hydroponics and lighting system, you can grow plants faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. The system is designed to provide the perfect growing environment, with precise control over temperature, humidity, and lighting.


Our system is ideal for anyone who wants to grow their own plants, whether you are a home gardener or a commercial grower. With its modular and scalable design, our system can be customized to fit your specific needs and space requirements.


But what really sets our system apart is its ability to operate off the grid. With our closed loop design, you can grow your plants anywhere, even in remote locations without access to electricity. This makes our system ideal for sustainable farming, urban gardening, and food deserts created by castostropic events.


So whether you want to grow fresh produce for your family, start a small farm, or explore the possibilities of space agriculture, our hydroponics and lighting system is the perfect solution. Explore our website to learn more about our innovative technology and how it can help you grow plants faster, more efficiently, and in a sustainable way.