Programmable Hydroponics and Lighting Systems with a Modular Closed-Loop Design that Scales Out in Linear Arrays that Stack Horizontally and Vertically with Shipping Containers
Hydroponics and lighting systems have become increasingly popular in the commercial agriculture industry. With the advancements in technology, hydroponics has provided a sustainable and efficient method for growing crops using nutrient-rich water solutions instead of soil. Additionally, advanced lighting systems that use LED lights with customized light spectra have improved plant growth and reduced energy costs. The commercialization of these systems has brought about the emergence of large-scale commercial hydroponic farms, which can produce high-quality crops year-round. This approach has several benefits, including increased yields, reduced water usage, and greater control over growing conditions. As consumer demand for locally grown, sustainable produce continues to grow, hydroponics and advanced lighting systems are becoming increasingly important players in the agricultural industry. The commercialization of hydroponics and lighting systems is poised to revolutionize the way we grow and consume food while also promoting sustainable practices for a better future.